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Saturday, November 30, 2013

 I'm sure anyone who loves beauty and makeup has come across those products that they have just used thousands of times and still love, simply put these are their No Regret Beauty Purchases.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is the perfect amount of coverage for my foundation liking. It has light to medium coverage and goes on so smoothly. It is priced at $48 and well worth it. It is a cult favourite on YouTube and I can definitely see why! To use this foundation you have to shake it up very well since it is water based, then you can squeeze out a little bit onto the back of clean hands and either apply with a brush or your fingers. I like the result with my fingers but you can get a fuller coverage with a buffing brush. I like to set it in my T-Zone with a powder because otherwise I will get too shiny around the 3-4 hour mark. It does have SPF 15 but I found it hasn't given me a white cast in flash photography. There is also a fragrance to this foundation so be careful if you have sensitive skin.

I also love my NARS Deep Throat blush as I think it is the perfect peach/pink with slight shimmer. I use this blush waaaaay more then the cult Orgasm Blush. Although they are slightly pricey sitting at $32 a blush they can last you for ages! I've had mine for possibly two years now and I haven't hit pan on it yet, and I honestly use it all the time! Absolutely no regrets with this purchase.

Urban Decay has become famous for their Naked Palettes, I don't own the second one but I definitely want to own the third when it hits Sephora this December. The first is by far my favourite and that is why I didn't feel the need to purchase the second. It's warm tones are right up my alley and I love the two mid tone matte browns Naked and Buck. This palette is so versatile and you can wear it for almost any look. I even wore this smoked up a bit to prom three years ago! Although I have just about never touched the end two shadows, my favourites in this palette are Virgin, Naked, Buck and Hustle. 

For highlighting I love the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle on the tops of my cheek bones. It provides a beautiful peachy shimmery highlight that looks stunning when it catches the light. I heard so many things about this but when Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter kept mentioning it, I knew it had to be something special. This product has definitely been my favourite highlighting product that I own, and I will continue using it until I can't see any product left!

Something that I use ALL THE TIME in my videos is another product by MAC, this is their Paint Pot in the shade Painterly. It is a pink toned nude eyeshadow base that makes my shadows more vibrant and last much much longer with zero creasing. I tested out shadows on my eyelids this past week without Painterly and man oh man...they were basically gone by the end of the night! I truly love this product and I use it in almost every makeup related video and in my everyday life!

Before I apply my lipstick I love giving my lips a little extra exfoliate just to make sure my lipstick glides on smoothly. For this I love the Lush lip scrub in the flavor Bubblegum. You apply a little bit using your finger onto your lips and lightly scrub, then you can either lick it off and taste the yummy-ness or you can wipe it off since there may be some skin cells in there. Personally, I like to lick off the lip scrub because it tastes just like candy! There is an expiry date on this and some other Lush products so just keep an eye on the date.

Lastly, my Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Camelia is one of my favourite everyday lipsticks. This shade is a very "safe" everyday lipstick as it is a rose pink colour. These are colours that I tend to reach for a lot, as they are just very classic and look good with everything! This lipstick is so smooth and buttery, I'd say it is a satin finish. It does have a bit of shine to it but nothing compared to their Rouge Coco Shine range. It does have a bit of a steep price tag nearing the $40 mark so I wouldn't personally go out every weekend buying Chanel lipsticks but the two that I own I have no regrets buying them.

Those are all my No Regret Beauty Purchases, what are yours?

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