Valentine's Day Pinks

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In Spirit of Valentines Day this coming Friday, I wanted to share all of my favourite pink toned makeup items that are perfect to wear on this romantic love filled day.

Starting with the eyes - how could I not include the most romantic toned palette to ever hit the stores of Sephora? The Urban Decay Naked 3 is the perfect palette for Valentines day. If you want to go for a very natural look you can apply the lightest shade Strange in your inner corner and brow bone, Burnout (my personal favourite shade!) all over your lid, Limit in the crease, and Liar in the outer V. If you and your hunny are going for a romantic night out, you might want to smoke things up a little by applying Strange again as your brow bone highlight, Dust as your inner corner highlight, Buzz all over your lid, Nooner in the crease, Factory in the outer corner, and lastly Blackheart smoked up on top of Factory. Add a little winged liner, your favourite mascara, and you're eyes will be turning into the heart eyed emojis!

Blush is something I personally have completely fallen in love with. It really brightens up your face and brings your whole look together. I included four of my favourite pink blushes. Top left is Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Dollface, to its right is NYX Natural Cream Blush, bottom right is my newest Tarte blush in the shade True Love (perfect name for Valentines day!) and lastly in the bottom left corner is NARS Deep Throat.

For lips I included three MAC lip options. First we have the nude lip option with Creme Cup, a popular pinky nude shade. Next is one of my favourites, Lustering! A beautiful pink toned red that is a safer option then going for a classic red. Since its finish is a Luster too (cheeky name there MAC..Lustering is a Luster finish..oh my!) it is on the more sheer side but can be built up. For the more brighter option that you could pair with a more neutral eye, we have Girl About Town. A stunning fuschia pink that has some blue undertones to help make your teeth appear whiter.

As for nails, I won't be able to take part in as with my school program being Massage Therapy, we're not actually allowed to wear nail polish! But if I were able, these are the pink shades I'd be choosing. I'd also be wearing this cute nail design done by Nouvelle Daily. I really love Essie nail polishes and I have grown quite the collection! As mentioned I can't paint my nails anymore, but my definitely do try when I can! Plus I'm one of those people who can't not have my toes done! Always paint them ladies! Anyway, the nude shade here is Topless & Barefoot. A very lovely sophisticated nude that I wore to my senior Prom 3 years ago. The pale pink is the famous Fiji, a lovely pastel pink that really elongates your hands and makes you look very tan! The brightest shade here is Knockout Pout, another wonderful Spring and Summer shade as it is so neon! The darkest pink featured for today is one of my favourite polishes I own, this is in the shade Watermelon. It's a pink toned red that is actually very similar to the MAC lipstick in Lustering! I love that it's a different take on the classic red, plus its also what Nouvelle Daily used in their nail tutorial! How perfect!

What will your Valentines Day makeup be?

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  1. Girl About Town is gorgeous! I've always liked it but it doesn't work for me.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. Aww really! That's sad! It is a beautiful colour for sure, have you tried Impassioned?

  2. Replies
    1. It is! I love it, it's sheer enough to wear daily but is pigmented enough to make a statement if you layer! Perfect lipstick xx


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