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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ohhhh how I love mascaras! I have never splurged on a high end mascara until just this past week (cue Tarte's Gifted Mascara) because I find that the drugstore mascaras are just so incredible!

I have always had a thing for L'Oreal mascaras. My first love was the Telescopic Mascara (not photoed) for long long long lashes. Then I fell in love with the Voluminous Million Lashes mascara for lots of volume and non-clumped together lashes! You know the mascaras that make your lashes look like you only have 8 because they all clumped together? You will not find that here with any of these L'Oreal mascaras!

My tried and true mascara has always been the original Voluminous mascara. It has ever mattered to me if it is the curved brush or the straight brush...that formula is just amazing! If you haven't given it a try...what the heck are you waiting for?

My most recent L'Oreal love has been the Miss Manga mascara. I didn't know how I would get on with the wiggle cone shaped brush...but just WOW. My lashes have never looked so long and fluttery before! I have a strong feeling that this mascara will be a staple in my makeup collection. I will say that this mascara doesn't make them look as "full" as the previous two, but nonetheless it is a firm favourite of mine.

What are your favourite drugstore mascaras?

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  1. Everybody is talking about Miss Manga mascara - I'm going to have to get in on the action & try it!


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