Memories of 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 is out and here comes 2014! Here are  a few of my favourite memories from 2013...

In January we brought home an adorable little Chocolate Lab puppy into our family. We also have a Yellow Lab and an Airedale and they instantly warmed up to our little Lily (lily pad thai for an extra nickname). She's crazy, hyper, and causes a ruckus but she has made my heart beat that little bit faster with how much I love her! She's much bigger then in the photos below now as she just turned one. I was a part time student from January - April so we were able to spend lots of time together...bonding of course.

Blurry photo but I can't resist that face!

From February - April I was mostly just in school, working two jobs, and taking care of the little pup.

In May I went to work at a kids summer camp I attended as a camper for 9 years and now have been a staff at for 4. It is the most amazing place and I love spending my summer months there completely disconnected from the world (aka no internet). This year I was lucky enough to go in May instead of in July as I got my steel toe work boots on and picked up a hammer and other tools I clearly can't remember the names of. I was there early to help build new cabins & fix up the camp from the winter months. The photo below was taken during a camp dance at the end of a two week camper session where you dress up all silly and dance, dance, DANCE. The best part of the dances are when you see the youngest campers who are usually age 7 or 8 making new friends and dancing all crazy. Also do note that I'm dressed as a you do.

Also this summer I was able to celebrate my one year anniversary with my amazzzzzing boyfriend. We celebrated by going zip lining and taking several photos on a disposable camera which I have yet to get developed, I am so excited to see all of them!

At the end of the summer I got my first haircut in over a year! As you can see from the camp dance photo above and the photo below, I had long, long, long wavy hair. It was so nice to get my hair chopped off, have a new style and fresh ends. I love haircuts and I'm lucky that I don't get nervous or anxious going to them because I know that it's just hair and it'll grow back. I do miss it sometimes but then I see Rebecca's hair and instantly want to go shorter as I just LOVE her hair! The photo below where I am wearing the striped shirt, is sitting in my car after just stepping out of the hair dressers and I wanted to send a photo straight away to my boyfriend. Since then I don't think I have really taken many photos of my hair...weird! Also I'm sporting a deep tan from being outside with the campers all day everyday, sunscreen was my best friend those four months.

During September and October I started making some more YouTube videos which you can watch here. I love just talking about what I love most (being makeup of course) and editing the videos. I've had so much fun making them so if you do have time I would really appreciate it if you could go on over to my channel and give them a watch or a subscribe if you enjoy them!

Early November my mom and I flew down to NYC for the weekend of my 20th birthday and spent 4 days at every Sephora possible and having such an amazing time. I have talked about my trip several times but I truly fell in love with NYC. I love the bright lights, crazy drivers, and the New Yorkers who have such a strong love for their city. My mom and I got our make up done daily by MUA in stores and we always walked out feeling so glam. I had posted a video here on all the beauty items I bought while I was there if you'd like to have a peek!

Beautiful flowers outside our hotel in NYC

Of course a wonderful memory from 2013 for me would be starting this blog which I had dreamed (literally) of doing for SO long. I had read Kate & Rebecca's blogs for ages and was always so inspired to start one myself but the nerves would get to me and I would hold off on going to the blogger website and clicking join. When I did and purchased a blog template it was such an exciting moment and I have enjoyed writing every single post since. I wanted to thank you for reading my new little blog and I hope you will stick with me throughout 2014!

Sorry for the iPhone camera quality on the majority of these photos but just capturing memories as they come! Hope you all had a wonderful 2013, and here's to 2014!

What were some of your 2013 memories?

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2013 Beauty Favourites

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Source for photo

As 2013 is on its way out I figured it would be a wonderful time for me to fill you all in on my 2013 beauty favourites. I found this slightly difficult to narrow down my yearly favourite products because I have bought things recently (cue Naked 3 and several things from NYC) that I have completely fallen in love with, but I didn't want to add things that I haven't truly loved over the past calendar year.

Face: Although I do have slightly spotty skin at the moment, I adore the more natural and sheerer coverage of foundations. This past year I've been constantly reaching for my Revlon Nearly Naked foundation as well as Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Both are light coverage that gives me the base I love and both last a long time on my skin. I've never been much of a concealer gal, but when I do need the extra coverage in some spots I definitely have chosen the Jouer Age Repairing Concealer. It has excellent coverage and doesn't get that cakey look. To powder between my brows, forehead, nose and chin I have hit pan on my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. It really does keep my shine at bay and it is so fine that it's great for touch-ups during the day. To add some colour to my cheeks I have fallen completely in love with the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Babydoll for a flush of pink. I'm not much of a bronzer girl because I find that I'm just too pale and most bronzers end up looking either muddy or orange on me, so blush is the way to go! Lastly for my face, in 2013 I went through THREE bottles of the MAC Fix+ for setting my makeup and getting rid of any powdery look. It's also great for spraying on eye brushes to get a more pigmented colour or for using shadows as liners. 

Eyes: MAC Painterly Paint Pot has been my most reached for base for my eyes this past year. I absolutely love it! The nude shade evens out my lids and it makes my shadows last longer and appear more vibrant - a must have! My MAC Palette has been filled! During 2013 I really wanted to depot all of my MAC shadows and get them into a palette but they were sold out of the single palette, so I went for the duo. I found myself reaching for this all the time and I was so happy when it was finally filled with 15 of my favourite shadows. Some shadows in particular that I love are Blanc Type, All That Glitters, Sable, Satin Taupe, Wedge and Mulled Cider. If you would like to see all the shadows that are in my palette with swatches do let me know in the comments! My lashes seem to really get along with the L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara although I have found that even with a new tube the mascara can get a little clumpy on the brush, I just make sure to go over them with a plastic mascara wand to get out any clumps. For liner I have really loved my L'oreal Infallible Super Slim liner for a thin line and a small flick to finish off my eyes.

Lips: Lipstick is something that I luuuurve, it really polishes off any makeup look and can make you appear much more put together then you may be feeling. As much as I love a bright lip, during the year on a daily basis I was mostly after a "My Lips But Better" shade. Here I have 3 that I think are perfect. I do own 6 MAC lipsticks which to some people isn't many, but it's the perfect amount for me to be able to get much use out of each and every one. My most reached for MAC lipstick though is definitely Syrup as it is a muted down mauve that is just so easy to wear. Next we have the most glamorous lippy out of my favourite 3, this is YSL Nude Beige. I did do a whole review of this lipstick here so you can read more about it there! Lastly we have a lip stain, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey is a perfect shade for daily wear and lasts HOURS.

Brushes: I wanted to include some of my favourite brushes that I've been using over the past year. In general the Real Techniques brushes have blown me away, we can only get a few here where I live but the two collections I have are wonderful! I just photographed two of my favourites just to show you - the Buffing Brush and the Multi Task Brush! For eyes my two favourite brushes have both been by MAC. The 217 for the perfect blending or outer V application, and the 239 brush for packing on colour onto my lid. 

Those are my 2013 favourites! What are yours?

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Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - Tutorial

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I just posted on my youtube channel for a tutorial for the brand new Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, I am so in love with this palette and I just can't stop wearing it! In the video I show how I like to wear these shadows and which ones are my current favourites!

I have had troubles with my Nikon D5100 since I bought it January of 2013 trying to find the perfect setting to film with, and you will probably notice in this video... I have still yet to find that perfect setting! I find that when I have uploaded into iMovie everything looks great, bright, and just how I want it. THEN once I have uploaded from iMovie directly into YouTube everything changes! It goes much darker and slightly grey...if anyone has any idea what I should do to change that, please let me know! I don't have many people watching my videos (which is fine because I just have fun making them!) so I don't want to invest tons of money into lighting just yet. Therefore, please do let me know if you have any ideas!

Hope you enjoy the tutorial!


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Monday, December 16, 2013

I know everyone and their mothers twice removed cousin has raved about this beautiful palette, but it's just too stunning to not write a post about it! Here are my thoughts on the newest Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette:

Personally I think this is the most romantic palette UD has released, I don't own the second palette but I do own the original which I absolutely love. I do believe that the third is incredibly different then the first and second, which is why I felt perfectly fine spending the $62.00 on it. This palette is all rose toned which will look stunning on hazel & green eyes, I have brown eyes and find that the pink tones are very flattering none the less. 

The packaging is very similar to the second Naked as it is in a tin and has a lock shut - perfect for traveling. It has a large mirror and comes with a double ended eyeshadow brush, one end is a packing on eyeshadow brush, and the other is a blending brush perfect for in the outer corner or in the crease. Naked 3 comes with 12 eye shadows which comes to around $6.00 an eyeshadow for a total of $62.00 - pretty reasonable price if you ask me!

Now on to the colours!

As you can see the first six eye shadows are quite light and day time wearable where as the final six are more dark and smokey. There are three matte shades and 8 shimmer and 1 more "glittery" shade which I don't think I will get much use of. 

Strange - Pale matte smooth cream - perfect for brow bone or inner corner

Dust - Baby pink shimmer with glitter - perfect to be applied in the center of the lid just be careful of fall out as it is very glittery

Burnout - Smooth & silky peachy pink - I love wearing this all over my lid

Limit - Pale matte dust rose - works great in the crease as a transition shade

Buzz - Highly pigmented metallic rose with slight glitter -very wearable!

Trick - Beautiful rose gold - lovely in the inner corner or under lower lashes

Nooner - Pinky Mauve matte - again works so well in the crease or outer corner to deepen up a day time look

Liar - Cool toned shimmery purple with a pink undertone - incredibly pigmented and so beautiful

Factory - Pinky brown with fine shimmer - love applying this in the outer corner

Mugshot - Metallic taupe with stunning shimmer - no complaints!

Darkside - Deepened taupe with very fine shimmer - very pigmented

Blackheart - Black with red & purple microshimmer - the perfect shade for smoking up your eye makeup

Urban Decay Naked Palettes always have such huge hypes to them, but honestly they are so worth it! Blogs and YT channels will probably be over flowing with reviews of this romantic palette until about mid January I'd imagine, but it is just so stunning!

I was able to order mine before it was sold out and also before it had hit the Sephora shelves, and I recommend picking one up for yourself! I think that this palette would also be stunning for a bride or bridesmaid. 

What are your favourite ways to wear this palette? Leave a comment below and let me know (rhyming yahoo!)! I'm always interested to know new ways of wearing these beautiful rose toned shadows.

Have you picked yours up yet?

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Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour Cheek Gelée - Poppy Paradise

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's been a day over a week since my last post, and I blame my stressful exam schedule on that! After this coming Wednesday though I'll be on Christmas break and I have so many blog posts and YT Videos planned! Yippie.

I have been eyeing the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour Cheek Gelee ($29.00) for ages now, I loved the idea of a gel blush that is natural and long wearing. Whenever I went into Sephora I would swatch all the shades on the back of my hand and I just loved how smooth and water-like they were, so I just had to add another blush to my collection.

The shade I picked up is Poppy Paradise. It is a very bright hot pink in the sturdy glass jar, but blends out so softly and wearable. Personally I like to apply my blush a little further back then the average spot, being the apples of the cheeks. I like to apply mine directly on my cheek bone and higher up just so I can get some more shape to my face. I definitely think that this product is a stain because it lasts AGES on my skin! I will apply it in the morning around 6:30 am and when I get home from my day at 5:00 or 6:00 pm it will still be sitting right where I placed it many hours earlier. In the photo below where you can see it on my cheeks, you can also see how it had stained my ring finger which I used to dot in on my cheeks and used my middle finger to blend it out. I also like the application of using my finger more then I do a stippling brush. I find the colour to be such a natural flush that I find myself reaching for this almost everyday! It really does brighten up your face, especially if you're feeling extra tired that day.

Although it is 50% Coconut Water & Vitamin E rich Argan Oil I didn't necessarily find it super moisturizing, but that doesn't bother me too much as I really do love the product. I did try them on my lips to see if they would have the same lasting power on my lips (aka a lipstain) and I will admit that they made my lips feel very dry, but I don't even think they were targeted as a lip & cheek stain, so again that doesn't bother me!

I can't wait to try more shades of these, I would love to own them all! Do give them a try!

What are your current favourite blushers?

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No Regrets Beauty Purchases

Saturday, November 30, 2013

 I'm sure anyone who loves beauty and makeup has come across those products that they have just used thousands of times and still love, simply put these are their No Regret Beauty Purchases.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is the perfect amount of coverage for my foundation liking. It has light to medium coverage and goes on so smoothly. It is priced at $48 and well worth it. It is a cult favourite on YouTube and I can definitely see why! To use this foundation you have to shake it up very well since it is water based, then you can squeeze out a little bit onto the back of clean hands and either apply with a brush or your fingers. I like the result with my fingers but you can get a fuller coverage with a buffing brush. I like to set it in my T-Zone with a powder because otherwise I will get too shiny around the 3-4 hour mark. It does have SPF 15 but I found it hasn't given me a white cast in flash photography. There is also a fragrance to this foundation so be careful if you have sensitive skin.

I also love my NARS Deep Throat blush as I think it is the perfect peach/pink with slight shimmer. I use this blush waaaaay more then the cult Orgasm Blush. Although they are slightly pricey sitting at $32 a blush they can last you for ages! I've had mine for possibly two years now and I haven't hit pan on it yet, and I honestly use it all the time! Absolutely no regrets with this purchase.

Urban Decay has become famous for their Naked Palettes, I don't own the second one but I definitely want to own the third when it hits Sephora this December. The first is by far my favourite and that is why I didn't feel the need to purchase the second. It's warm tones are right up my alley and I love the two mid tone matte browns Naked and Buck. This palette is so versatile and you can wear it for almost any look. I even wore this smoked up a bit to prom three years ago! Although I have just about never touched the end two shadows, my favourites in this palette are Virgin, Naked, Buck and Hustle. 

For highlighting I love the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle on the tops of my cheek bones. It provides a beautiful peachy shimmery highlight that looks stunning when it catches the light. I heard so many things about this but when Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter kept mentioning it, I knew it had to be something special. This product has definitely been my favourite highlighting product that I own, and I will continue using it until I can't see any product left!

Something that I use ALL THE TIME in my videos is another product by MAC, this is their Paint Pot in the shade Painterly. It is a pink toned nude eyeshadow base that makes my shadows more vibrant and last much much longer with zero creasing. I tested out shadows on my eyelids this past week without Painterly and man oh man...they were basically gone by the end of the night! I truly love this product and I use it in almost every makeup related video and in my everyday life!

Before I apply my lipstick I love giving my lips a little extra exfoliate just to make sure my lipstick glides on smoothly. For this I love the Lush lip scrub in the flavor Bubblegum. You apply a little bit using your finger onto your lips and lightly scrub, then you can either lick it off and taste the yummy-ness or you can wipe it off since there may be some skin cells in there. Personally, I like to lick off the lip scrub because it tastes just like candy! There is an expiry date on this and some other Lush products so just keep an eye on the date.

Lastly, my Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Camelia is one of my favourite everyday lipsticks. This shade is a very "safe" everyday lipstick as it is a rose pink colour. These are colours that I tend to reach for a lot, as they are just very classic and look good with everything! This lipstick is so smooth and buttery, I'd say it is a satin finish. It does have a bit of shine to it but nothing compared to their Rouge Coco Shine range. It does have a bit of a steep price tag nearing the $40 mark so I wouldn't personally go out every weekend buying Chanel lipsticks but the two that I own I have no regrets buying them.

Those are all my No Regret Beauty Purchases, what are yours?

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Review

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Marc Jacobs Daisy has forever been my favourite perfume, lets just start off by getting that out of the way! It is so fresh, light, feminine, and beautiful.

According to the Sephora website where it retails for $79.00 for a 1.7oz bottle, the notes are:
Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, White Woods.

I definitely smell the strawberry and grapefruit notes. The packaging of this perfume has got to be one of the cutest perfume packaging out there! All of MJ's perfumes are designed so well. He does have several other Daisy perfumes but I've only tried the original and Eau So Fresh.

I find that this scent lasts for hours, and if you spray it on your clothing you will still be able to smell it the next day. It is so fresh and makes you feel so awake! The name of this perfume is also perfect, it is so lady like and young. The first time I ever smelled this perfume I was working at camp and one of my very good friends Rachel sprayed it on herself, I instantly fell in love with it and between the two of us we used the entire bottle up during our two months working together! Now whenever I spray this perfume on myself I instantly get taken back to working with her at camp and just the summer days and nights in general. Isn't it nice how perfume can bring back such good memories? This scent is perfect for dates, school and work because it is so versatile!

If you like fresh, fun, and light scents - this one is for you! It is not a heavy typical "night time" perfume at all which I really love. This will forever be one of my favourite perfumes, as it has been for four years. I do have several other perfumes (six to be exact) and I always reach for this one over my others.

My boyfriend actually bought this perfume for me after he knew how much I loved my Eau So Fresh version, which sadly slipped out of my hand and the dispenser tube broke and it was no longer useable, so a huge thank you to my lovely boyfriend for purchasing this fragrance for me! Luckily the Eau So Fresh version was almost empty when it broke.

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Christmas Wishlist

Monday, November 25, 2013

Untitled #2
As you can probably tell from my wishlist, 3/4 items are skincare. I do own a good amount of makeup but skincare is something that I should get a bit better with. With saying that, I am an avid face washer. I can't even imagine going to bed without washing my face! I worked at a camp as a counselor the past four summers and even if I wasn't going to bed until 1:30 or 2:00 am I would make sure to peel myself away from my comfy bed and walk to the nearest sink just to wash my face and brush my teeth. What I mean with "get a bit better with" for skincare, is doing the extra steps. It's a routine for me to use my Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore face wash morning and night then follow up with one of my Olay moisturizers, but something I often skip out on is a mask. Before I begin, I wanted to thank the lovely Victoria for telling me how to create an online photo wishlist!

Here are the items that I have put on my Christmas Wishlist, which are not in any order:

1. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is a $28.00 mask that I've heard tons of good reviews on. I've heard that it really calms down your skin, reduces the redness in your spots, and clears out any impurities that you may have. Sounds like heaven to me!

2. I've heard a lot about this next product via YouTube. The Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is a hard balm that you apply on to dry skin to massage all traces of your makeup away. It can take off face makeup and eye makeup, including mascara! I would love this balm because then I know for sure that all my makeup is off and I'm not going to sleep with traces of foundation on. After using this, you still do go on and wash your face with your usual face wash. This product can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart or Sephora for $35.00. I have heard that it is hard to spot on the shelves as it doesn't come with a box or anything, just comes as is!

3. The only non-beauty/skincare item on my wishlist this year are Mason Jar Candles by Bath and Body Works. There is currently a sale going on for 2 candles for $15.00 which is awesome. The candle photographed isn't necessarily the candle I would like to receive from Santa, but simply just a photograph of the Mason Jar style. I am pretty easy with scents, I love the Cranberry Pear Bellini candle they sell that I still haven't burnt through from last Christmas. I just love the scent I don't want to finish it! I like the Mason Jar style as they are smaller then the 3 wick and I don't burn candles enough to need the larger more pricy ones.

4. The last thing on my Christmas wishlist this year, is another mask by Origins. This one is the Drink Up 10 Minute Mask. This one is also $28.00 from Sephora and I would love this mask because although my skin can get a little shiny though out the day, it could definitely use some extra moisture. I tried to find the overnight mask that Origins sells, but I can't seem to find it on the Sephora website so I wonder if it has been discontinued.

Everything added up PRE tax comes to a total of = $108.00
Not bad Kyra...not bad.

That is all on my Christmas Wishlist this year! What's on yours?


YSL Nude Beige Lipstick Review

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shall we take a minute to address how stunning this lipstick is? I've been wanting to buy a Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick for years, but the heavy $39.00 price tag always stopped me. While I was in NYC for my birthday weekend early November I still had American money on my last day there, and I figured it is sightly cheaper and how often am I in New York City? So I took the plunge and walked straight to the cashier handing over my cash before I could change my mind.

Two weeks later, I am not regretting my decision at all. I've worn it just about everyday since I purchased it and I've even gotten compliments on it while at school - and that's saying something! This has got to be the most glamorous packaging a luxury brand could ever do with the gold tube and the beautiful YSL engraving with a matching colour to the lipstick shade.

Although this shade is called "Nude Beige" it is not beige at all! It is a beautiful pale pink that works so well on so many skin tones. Nude Beige is a perfect nude pale pink for my lips that does not look "dead" at all, don't be frightened by the "beige" in the title. This would definitely be a beautiful wedding day lipstick!

This lipstick is so creamy and moisturizing, it glides on so smoothly and you do not need a lip balm underneath. It is super pigmented and also has a lovely glossy finish, I don't feel the need to wear a gloss over top. While having a creamy and moisturizing lipstick feels amazing, the wear time does get cut down. I'd say with this lipstick you wouldn't want to be eating or drinking because it could quickly come off. If you're going to work, school, or a date I would say that this lipstick could last you around the two hour mark. But hey, that just means you get to pull out the stunning gold tube and re-apply in public!

I truly love this lipstick and I definitely do want to buy more!


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