Top 10 High End Makeup

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I just uploaded a new video to my youtube channel on my top 10 high end makeup products!

As I mentioned in the video I tried to pick a product from each catagory - I just don't own a high end mascara! I've forever been a drugstore mascara kind of girl. :)

I hope you enjoy the video and please do subscribe! I've uploaded quite a few videos since being back from my summer break and I want to really focus on my blog and my YouTube. YouTube definitely takes a lot of time so if you could please subscribe to my channel it would honestly mean the world to me!

You can view this video by clicking the link here. I hope you like it!

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Jouer Matte Moisture Tint | Video

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello ladies & gents!

I just uploaded my review and demo of the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint. I love this product so much and I did do a review on here (my blog) in January - I had been using it for 2 months at that time and now I've almost been using it for a year! So I definitely have my opinions on it and I hope you enjoy the video. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, make my day!

You can view the video by clicking HERE.

xo, Kyra.

Share The Love: Instagram

Some of my favourite posts to read are always share the love blogposts. It's such a great way to find new blogs and for them to get a little love that day. Nothing I love more then making someone's day!  There are so many instagrams that I follow and I wish I could talk about all 137 of you, but today I limited myself to four. 

I've followed Sharon's blog at for what seems like ages now and I have completely fallen in love with her Instagram to match. It is so feminine and girly which is completely up my alley! She has such stunning photographs of flowers, outfits, makeup, and just her life! I always get inspiration from Sharon and if you haven't given her blog or Instagram a follow yet - girl what are you waiting for?! 

I love how Ellie's Instagram is simple and so pretty! All her items in each photo are layed so nicely and it is so appealing to the eye! She posts photos about beauty, teas, behind the scene footage of the blogging world, and she has amazing book recommendations! Again, her blog is another huge inspiration for me. 

Sophie's Instagram is all things girly! Nails, makeup, hair, skincare and the odd stunning selfie thrown in once in a while. Her Instagram is so refreshing and girly that I can't not double tap each photo and watch a little white heart come up on top of each one of her photos! She always has such nice "extras" in her photos such as the flowers you see below. 

A well known beauty youtuber who I've loved for what seems like ages now! Marissa seems so real and like we could literally be BFF. She knows all there is about makeup and hair and I feel like I've learned so much from watching her! Her Instagram is so eye catching and girly - I'm in love. Her Instagram all together flows so nicely and when you're looking at her page you can't not get heart eyes! Marissa is drop dead gorgeous and she has some of the cutest photos! 

What are some of your favourite instagrams? You can follow my Instagram here @kyrasbeautybag

xo, Kyra

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Fall Fashion Inspiration

Monday, September 22, 2014

As with most ladies right now - I'm so freaking happy it's fall! I was browsing the "Womens Fashion" page on Pinterest, as I've become so obsessed since getting it on my iPad, and I found two outfits that I essentially fell in love with. These two outfits are so me for fall and I am taking so much inspiration from them for my outfits now! 

I'm loving the all black outfit above with some loose curls and simple eye makeup with a berry lip. Does that not scream fall?! 

Makeup imagined:
- Matte skin (Jouer Matte Moisture Tint)
- Subtle highlighter on cheeks (MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle)
- Bronzed skin (NARS Laguna Bronzer)
- Winged eyeliner (MAC Black Track Fluidline)
- Mascara (L'oreal Telescopic)
- Berry Lips (YSL Rouge Volupte in Forbidden Burgendy)

For this above outfit I love the simplicity and how it is a little brighter then the all black first outfit. Again I would probably want my hair in loose curls - even though the girl with a messy bun photographed here looks awesome, my hair probably couldn't do that!
I'm loving the hat in this collage too, I'm all about hats right now and I really need to purchase one! I don't even own one but every time I see a girl wearing a cute hat I always give a mental props to her.

For makeup on this outfit I'm picturing:
- Natural looking skin (NARS Sheer Glow)
- Neutral eyemakeup (Urban Decay Naked palette: Virgin, Naked, Buck shadows)
- Average coating of Mascara (L'Oreal Miss Manga)
- A pop of colour on the cheeks (MAC Lovecloud Blush)
- "My Lips But Better" lip colour - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the shade Honey

What fall outfits are you loving for this season?

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First Impressions: NARS Foundations

Saturday, September 20, 2014

 I've heard so many amazing things about the NARS Sheer Matte and Sheer Glow foundations. I received two samples of Sheer Glow and I actually owned Sheer Matte. I will say that for the matte foundation this is more of a "second" impression. I have worn it once before and then basically never touched it again as I had purchased it in the completely wrong shade - now I've started mixing it with a dab of moisturizer to make it that little bit lighter. Works like a dream!

My correct shade in NARS foundations is the shade "Deauville" which is described as "light with a neutral balance of pink & yellow" sounds about right to me! I have the shade Ceylan in Sheer Matte which is too dark and is described as light-medium with yellow undertones.

 I wore both these foundations for 13 hours each. I applied them at 8am and was ready to shower and remove all my makeup by 9pm.

Sheer Glow First Impressions:
- applied so beautifully with such a natural glow finish
- light-medium coverage
- I did apply Rimmel Stay Matte powder as I am a combo skin gal
- by noon my foundation was still looking great! I headed to the bus to go to school.
- by 4:15pm when I was done my day at school I noticed I was looking slightly shiny on my forehead and that some of the foundation had worn off on my cheeks and chin where my skin is rosy
- I blotted and reapplied powder once I was home after school and my foundation was back to looking like perfection
- By 9pm when I was ready to take my foundation off I had noticed it had worn off around my nose and again on my chin.

Overall: I found this foundation to be so beautiful, I understand the hype! I don't know if it is exactly the one for me as it did wear off in some places and I did look a tad shiny (which mainly looked even "glow-ier" opposed to oily). I think this foundation could work really well for me if I had applied a long lasting primer underneath. Overall I am really impressed and I am considering buying the full size version while I am in Las Vegas in November! I also noticed that it had clung to some of my dry skin around where my previous blemishes were. If you are someone with very dry skin or skin that has dry patches I would recommend using a thick moisturizer under this foundation to ensure no obvious flakes!

I've heard several oily skin ladies say that the sheer glow is their holy grail foundation and I can see why as it makes you appear glowy not oily - although on my skin it didn't last as long in certain places as I would have hoped.

The photo below is a picture I took on my iPad wearing NARS Sheer Glow foundation after I had blotted and reapplied my powder. I used the filter "PFX 5" on the app "Picfx" and then uploaded it to my instagram here.

NARS Sheer Matte Second Impression:
As I said I do own the full size version of this foundation but I had actually purchased it two years ago and basically hadn't touched it since. I had completely forgotten how it applied so it felt like a first impression to me!

- I mixed in some of my daily moisturizer to make it that little bit lighter to match my skin
- Again I applied it at 8 am and it looked FLAWLESS! I was so shocked. It looked like skin and my freckles were still visible but it looked amazing
- light - medium coverage, definitely buildable
- by noon when I went to school my foundation was still looking great and my bronzer and highlighter were still looking perfectly in place
- by 3:30pm when I got back to my car I noticed there was some slight fading on my chin and bridge of my nose, but nothing I was worried about. No oil showed on my blotting paper - this never happes!
- by 7pm I checked back in the mirror and I was so shocked to see I wasn't oily/shiny at all!
- by 9pm when I was ready to shower and take off my makeup I noticed I did have some slight sheen to my skin but still looked natural. Most of my makeup had worn off around my nose and on the bridge of my nose, and a bit on my shin exposing some acne scarring.

Overall: I was incredibly shocked by how well this foundation stayed on my skin and how I hardly was oily at all! This never happens! I usually like to blot and reapply powder once I've had my foundation on for 4-6 hours but with NARS Sheer Matte I didn't have too. I really loved this foundation and even decided to wear it again today! (I tested these out Thursday & Friday and today is Saturday!) I would definitely consider buying this again in the correct shade as it looked so good for so long! I didn't notice any dry patches around previous blemishes like I did with. The Sheer Glow which was quite a bonus.

If you're an oily skin gal and you want to stay matte for long - this should be your top pick!

I'm torn between which one to buy! What are your thoughts on NARS Foundations?

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Seven Happy Things This Week

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Seven happy things from this past week:

1) This adorable burgundy top has been such a staple in my fall wardrobe. It's made with the softest material and looks so cute paired with my favourite leggings (here!) and a grey scarf. I find this colour to be so flattering on brunettes and in general it's a colour I always gravitate towards.

2) Wonderstruck perfume by Taylor Swift is perfect for the colder months and I've been loving every second I've been wearing it!

3) I've been having so much fun filming YouTube videos again! I've filmed a Today's Makeup video (view here!) and I have a MAC haul filmed & edited waiting to be uploaded.

4) On Wednesday I started my Outreach Massage Therapy program with my school and the first day went so well. One of my outreaches is in a pool where we work with our clients in the water (warmest pool in Ottawa! Score!) and the second is at the Hospital working with rehabilitation patients.

5) I bought an iPad! I actually bought this last Thursday but this past week I've used it so much in school and chillin' on my bed. Since I'm a student I got a good deal from the Apple Store on it and I'm sooo happy I took the big splurge on it.

6) MAC Patisserie & Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy have been my go to's this week for an effortless MLBB lippy. On my eyes I've been going so simple with a wash of MAC Jest, MAC Teddy Kohl eyeliner along my lash line and some mascara. I've been using Tarte Exposed blush and everything has been kept very neutral and simple. Loving it.

7) The comforting scent of Bath & Body Works Salted Caramel candle has been warming my room while I get ready for school in the mornings. This is in the smallest size with one wick which I think is perfect because if this candle had 3 wicks it would be way too strong and I don't think I would like it as much!

What made you happy this week?

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Today's Makeup | The Video

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A few days ago I uploaded a video to YouTube for the first time in ages! As you can tell by my blog and channel "get ready with me" type videos/posts are my favourite! They're so casual and allow you to be yourself. I'm trying to grow my channel by uploading more. I already have another video edited and ready to go! I've written down in my journal a few video ideas that I want to make, and if you have any suggestions I would love to know!

You can view my video by clicking HERE, I hope you like it and please do subscribe! It would mean so much to me to know you enjoyed the video and will stay to see some more!

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Favourite Scents

Friday, September 12, 2014

I love perfume. Let me just get that out of the way! I love how they all smell so different and how they can make you feel so special. I've narrowed my perfume stash down to 2 plus one rollerball (that I'm going through like crazy!) and I'm loving only owning a few scents.

I used to own 7 or 8 perfumes and realistically that just wasn't practical for me! I probably wasn't wearing all those perfumes and I'm sure some of them had gone bad after having them for several years! The generalized shelf life of a perfume is around 3-5 years. I found that one of my favourites, Vera Wang Princess, had really smelled different and even the purple colour of the perfume had completely faded to clear.

Perfumes I got rid of: plus my thoughts
Michael Kors - Hollywood (literally smelt sooo amazing and I loved it, I just never wore it so I gave it to a friend)
Juicy Couture - Couture (this scent was not me at all, luckily it was only $20.00 at Shoppers Drug Mart! I also gave this one to a friend)
DKNY - Be Delicious (I was so obsessed with this! But I was almost done it and figured I've slightly grown out of the scent)
Dior - Miss Dior Cherie (My Aunt gave this to me and I wore it for so long but later decided it was too strong of a scent for my teen years when I received it) I am keeping the bottle though!
Vera Wang - Princess (still love this! Thinking about repurchasing it)
Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture (again this scent was so not me!)

Perfumes I kept:
Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck - with notes of Raspberry, Vanilla, Peach, Blackberry. I really love this perfume! It is heavier then my usual perfume scents but it is perfect for nights and I love the berry scents in this perfume.

Marc Jacobs - Daisy - With notes of Violet, Strawberry, Blood Grapefruit, Vanilla. 
There was no way in the world I could ever get rid of this perfume! My absolute favourite perfume in the world, plus Ryan gave it to me!

See By Chloe -  With notes of Apple Blossom, Vanilla, Musk, Jasmine. I've been hearing so much about the Chloe perfumes and I've been really wanting to try one but the price tag is definitely high so I decided to pick up the rollerball version for $30.00. I've used so much of this already and I am thinking about getting the full size when I'm in Las Vegas in November!

What are your favourite perfumes?

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Today's Makeup | 09.05.14

Friday, September 5, 2014

As I had tons of extra time getting ready for my pathophysiology class this morning I wanted to take advange and squeeze in a blog photo taking session! 

For my foundation I used my favourite drugstore foundation, CoverGirl and Olay 2-in-1 Tone Rehab Serum Foundation. Long name but this foundation gives me such beautiful coverage with a satin finish that continues to look great throughout the day. 

For my eyeshadow I used MAC Jest (which has fast become one of my firm favourites) all over my lids, Blanc Type on my brow bone and inner corner, and Satin Taupe in my crease and outer V. I love the look Jest & Satin Taupe give me and they just pair so well together! I've also really been loving the shade Mulch from my mos recent MAC Haul. I then applied my LancĂ´me brown Kohl Eyeliner  on my water line and applied an even coating of L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara! 

For my eyebrows I used a new product of mine, this is the Eyeko Brow Liner which comes in a universal shade and WOW I'm in love! It's a felt tip and allows you to really mimic the look of real hairs. Definitely check out your local Sephora to see if you can pick one up! 

Lastly, for my blush I applied Tarte's blush in the shade Exposed to my cheek bones. I forgot how much I loved this rosy neutral toned blush. It really is great for sculpting and giving some dimension! 

What makeup did you wear today?

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Reading List

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm such a book worm and when my dad purchased a Kobo for me I was the happiest I could ever be! My boyfriends mom has put so many books on my Kobo for me to read and it has been so fun reading different genre's of books. I really loved reading all the books listed below and I hope you do too!

Before I Go To Sleep - S.J Watson
Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn
Dark Places - Gillian Flynn
The Husbands Secret - Liane Moriarty
Something Blue - Emily Giffin
Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin
The Fault In Our Stars - John Green
Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella

Do you have any book recommendations for me?

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After Summer Big MAC Haul

Monday, September 1, 2014

I have been really loving MAC Cosmetics lately and have been buying their products like crazy! I love everything about MAC - their eyeshadows, blushes, packaging...literally everything! They have such a wide range of colours for lipsticks and eyeshadows, you will 100% find something that you like. They also have so many products ranging from skincare, makeup, and MUA essentials. Here are the products that I picked up recently...

 I picked up a stunning blush in the shade Lovecloud which also has the cutest name. Names on products always get me! (*ahem* Essie nail polish names.. *ahem*) Lovecloud is a satin finish and is a beautiful bright mid-toned pink. I apply this to the high points of my cheek bones and it gives me a stunning rosy-glow look. It's a very pigmented blush especially when I use my Sigma F40 so I make sure to tap off any extra before applying to my cheek bones. While I was browsing around in MAC my mom had purchased the lipstick in the shade Patisserie and I had fallen in love with it! I ended up buying it for myself the next day. This lipstick shade looks very different on both of us which makes it very unique! It's a Lustre finish which means it is very glossy and semi-sheer. On my lips it gives me the most wonderful "my lips but better" shade. Obsessed! Plus my boyfriend was a big fan of the way it looks: "It makes your lips look...shiny...and...full? I don't know how to describe it but I like it! I like it a lot!"

As I'm working on revamping my neutral palette I decided to pick up three shades I knew I would get a lot of use out of. The first eyeshadow swatched is the shade Jest. I feel like this shadow does not get talked about enough! It is absolutely stunning and I think it is everything I wanted Naked Lunch to be (My pan of NL has no pigmentation sadly!). Jest has a frost finish and is such a lovely peachy-pink shimmery shade. It does reminds me of Sin from the Urban Decay Naked palette but Sin is noticeably more pink. Next I got the eyeshadow in the shade Mulch. I've heard about and swatched this shade for years but it has never caught my eye like it does now! I've been really into the bronzey-plum shades (like MAC Sable!) lately and I think they look so nice against brown eyes. Lastly I picked up a Tanya Burr favourite - Charcoal Brown. She has mentioned in multiple videos that she likes using it in her eyebrows and as a crease colour - I love multi use shadows! This matte shade is described by MAC as a "muted taupe brown".

As mentioned above I am revamping my MAC neutral palette so I decided to purchase the empty quad palette to move my coloured eyeshadows into. It'll also be nice for when I travel since I can move shadows around and put in four neutral shades for the vacation. I then purchased a single palette as before I had the duo palette and I much prefer the look of the single with the clear cover. I'm loving the look of my neutral palette right now and I still have three spots to fill! I feel as if I have all the shades I need so I'm not too sure what three I'll choose to finish it off.

What are your favourite items from MAC?

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