Memories of 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 is out and here comes 2014! Here are  a few of my favourite memories from 2013...

In January we brought home an adorable little Chocolate Lab puppy into our family. We also have a Yellow Lab and an Airedale and they instantly warmed up to our little Lily (lily pad thai for an extra nickname). She's crazy, hyper, and causes a ruckus but she has made my heart beat that little bit faster with how much I love her! She's much bigger then in the photos below now as she just turned one. I was a part time student from January - April so we were able to spend lots of time together...bonding of course.

Blurry photo but I can't resist that face!

From February - April I was mostly just in school, working two jobs, and taking care of the little pup.

In May I went to work at a kids summer camp I attended as a camper for 9 years and now have been a staff at for 4. It is the most amazing place and I love spending my summer months there completely disconnected from the world (aka no internet). This year I was lucky enough to go in May instead of in July as I got my steel toe work boots on and picked up a hammer and other tools I clearly can't remember the names of. I was there early to help build new cabins & fix up the camp from the winter months. The photo below was taken during a camp dance at the end of a two week camper session where you dress up all silly and dance, dance, DANCE. The best part of the dances are when you see the youngest campers who are usually age 7 or 8 making new friends and dancing all crazy. Also do note that I'm dressed as a you do.

Also this summer I was able to celebrate my one year anniversary with my amazzzzzing boyfriend. We celebrated by going zip lining and taking several photos on a disposable camera which I have yet to get developed, I am so excited to see all of them!

At the end of the summer I got my first haircut in over a year! As you can see from the camp dance photo above and the photo below, I had long, long, long wavy hair. It was so nice to get my hair chopped off, have a new style and fresh ends. I love haircuts and I'm lucky that I don't get nervous or anxious going to them because I know that it's just hair and it'll grow back. I do miss it sometimes but then I see Rebecca's hair and instantly want to go shorter as I just LOVE her hair! The photo below where I am wearing the striped shirt, is sitting in my car after just stepping out of the hair dressers and I wanted to send a photo straight away to my boyfriend. Since then I don't think I have really taken many photos of my hair...weird! Also I'm sporting a deep tan from being outside with the campers all day everyday, sunscreen was my best friend those four months.

During September and October I started making some more YouTube videos which you can watch here. I love just talking about what I love most (being makeup of course) and editing the videos. I've had so much fun making them so if you do have time I would really appreciate it if you could go on over to my channel and give them a watch or a subscribe if you enjoy them!

Early November my mom and I flew down to NYC for the weekend of my 20th birthday and spent 4 days at every Sephora possible and having such an amazing time. I have talked about my trip several times but I truly fell in love with NYC. I love the bright lights, crazy drivers, and the New Yorkers who have such a strong love for their city. My mom and I got our make up done daily by MUA in stores and we always walked out feeling so glam. I had posted a video here on all the beauty items I bought while I was there if you'd like to have a peek!

Beautiful flowers outside our hotel in NYC

Of course a wonderful memory from 2013 for me would be starting this blog which I had dreamed (literally) of doing for SO long. I had read Kate & Rebecca's blogs for ages and was always so inspired to start one myself but the nerves would get to me and I would hold off on going to the blogger website and clicking join. When I did and purchased a blog template it was such an exciting moment and I have enjoyed writing every single post since. I wanted to thank you for reading my new little blog and I hope you will stick with me throughout 2014!

Sorry for the iPhone camera quality on the majority of these photos but just capturing memories as they come! Hope you all had a wonderful 2013, and here's to 2014!

What were some of your 2013 memories?

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