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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

With so many brands on the market it's easy to get lost someplace in the heavens of makeup. I've made a list of some of the high end brands that I think are definitely worth your money!

Urban Decay - I really love their Revolution Lipsticks (particularly the shade Streak) as their formula is so creamy and pigmented.  I own all three Naked palettes and I am head over heels for them. Again, their pigmentation is out of this world and each shadow is so easy to blend. Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Suspect, Snakebite, Nooner, Liar, and Mugshot are a few of my favourite UD eyeshadows!

Tarte - I'm sure you already know that I'm going to mention their Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blushes! I am so in love with these blushes and they are some of the greatest blushes I've ever tried. I love Exposed, Dollface, Captivating, and my absolute favourite is True Love. Tarte also has a lovely 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation which has been raved about loads in the beauty world. All their products are natural as well as cruelty free and made with Amazonian Clay which really prolongs the wear time of your makeup.

NARS - the simple matte black rubber packaging makes me swoooon! NARS has some amazingly pigmented blushes and everyone should own a couple in their collection. A few of my favourites are Deep Throat, Desire, Sin, and of course the famous blush in the shade Orgasm. NARS is also well known for their Sheer Glow Foundation. I absolutely love the way this foundation looks on my skin. It has good coverage while still giving you a natural finish, a favourite of many!

bareMinerals - a brand I'm still new too as I only just started dipping my toes into their products November 2013. Their Matte Foundation quickly became a favourite of mine and I recommend it to all. It provides a good coverage and gives you a very healthy appearance - you won't look "flat" with this matte finish! I also love their Skinny Dip bronzer for any fair skin toned beauty lovers. Applied at the temples and cheek bones you'll look glowy and bronzed!

MAC Cosmetics - I can spend hours in Sephora not knowing what to purchase because there are just so many options while at MAC I can be in and out within 20 minutes! I love that about MAC, they have everything you need. My current favourite lipstick would Syrup but you can view all my MAC lipsticks here. I also love their blushes (can you tell I'm a huge blush lover?) as they are all so soft and pigmented. Mocha, Lovecloud, and New Romance are a few of my favourites. MAC always has fun limited edition collections coming out so be sure to keep a eye out for a collection you may like!

What are a few of your favourite brands that you love?

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  1. Mac is definitely one of my faves :)

    1. Me too! I'm on a huge MAC kick right now so do let me know some of your favourite items!

  2. Great list. Love all these brands too. I still need to try the Tarte blushes.

    xo Ashley
    Lions Lace Lattes

    1. Thanks Ashley! Tarte has a wide range of colours so you will definitely be able to find a shade you like! :) xo


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