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Friday, August 29, 2014


I don't often post photos of myself on my blog so for many of my readers you may not even know what my hair even looks like! I had long naturally wavy hair where the ends were getting quite dry from heat styling and not being trimmed in a year.  I got it cut yesterday and my hair went through a lot in one day... I had asked for a very subtle ombre where I wanted to still stay a brunette but have some caramel put in for a little more "oomph".  

I had brought in three photos so I knew that my hair dresser knew exactly what I wanted. When the colour process was happening I found it very strange that she had basically painted the lower portion of my hair with blonde hair dye, I was getting pretty darn nervous at this point! It went on for about an hour where she was applying colour to my hair - keep in mind that I had asked for just a small amount of colour since I did want to stay a brunette! When it was time for her to style my hair I could see very blonde/orange strands sitting on my shoulders... I was trying so hard not to freak out. When it was time for me to look in the mirror I was so scared because I knew this was not at all what I had asked for. The entire bottom half of my hair was literally an orange shade of blonde! It was awful! I was trying so hard to stay polite, I didn't want her to feel bad for what she had done as she was taking photos of my hair because I think she liked the way it turned out. 

I had gotten into my car and basically freaked out. I cried the entire way home and phoned my mom crying into her ear. I hated it so much! I was so shocked that it was the complete opposite of what I had asked her for and the photos I showed her.
When my mom got home she had texted our hair dresser and told her that this was a lot blonder than I was expecting and the hair dresser told me to come back over and she would fix it. She toned it back to brown (I don't exactly know how... I don't know hair terms!) and added some caramel highlights in small parts for the "oomph" I was looking for. After a scary first hair colouring experience, I finally went home incredibly happy with how my hair turned out. I had 8 inches in total cut off and some lovely layers put in. I love having my hair short and sitting where my collarbones are.

Now I'm off to do a hair mask to make sure my ends aren't super dry from the scary blonde dye job!

Have you ever had a scary hair cut/colour experience?

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