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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Something that I had mentioned in my lululemon haul a few months ago was how interested in fitness I am. I love EVERYTHING about working out. I love the feeling you get right as you enter the gym. I love the shaking muscles and the "just three more reps" thoughts that you get while working out. And more then anything...I love the feeling of completing a workout knowing you just did something amazing for your body.

When I was younger I was really into Karate, and got my black belt at a really young age. While in elementary school I was huge into track and field and was actually a really fast sprinter (I stopped in high school though as I was too nervous to try out for the team! Huge regrets!). Later into my teens I moved on from Karate and into basketball which kept me busy until the end of high school. Basically, I've always loved fitness.

If you are currently enrolled in College or University, you know how demanding school can be and how it is hard to manage a workout/fitness routine. I've always worked out but sometimes I would go two or three weeks without stepping foot into the gym because school was just too crazy. For two years I've been following the Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines on Instagram and was so amazed at all the transformations girls were having all over the world. She has made a 12 week guide where you have three resistance training days and 3 LISS days. LISS can include 35-45 minutes of walking, running, jogging, zumba, spin classes.. anything you'd like to get your body moving! These days are actually very important I've recently discovered. Each resistance workout is 28 minutes long and you do two 7 minute circuits twice. (CIRCUIT 1 = 2x7 mins, CIRCUIT 2= 2x7mins)

Photo from Kayla's Instagram

I put off purchasing her guide for a long time as I found the price tag to be steep, but realistically it's probably very reasonably priced! On March 9 I bit the bullet and splurged on the $69.95 ebook and within a few minutes it had showed up in my inbox.

I am now mid way through week 3 and am already noticing my abs are a LOT more palpable when I'm not even flexing, and that my waist has gotten that little bit smaller.
To be honest, I've been really nervous that I wouldn't see any results. I am always looking at the "bbgprogress" hashtag on instagram and am seeing some incredible results just a few weeks in. Kayla recommends to take progress photos every four weeks, and well... I got curious and took some this morning. I'm not going to share my progress photos yet as they are very minimal but without taking this mornings photo, I don't think I would have even noticed how much flatter my stomach is and how my waist is getting smaller. I am definitely losing inches and the number on the scale is going UP. Don't forget - muscles weighs more then fat. It's so important to take these progress photos because I was getting so nervous and down on myself that I wasn't seeing any changes...and yet my body has been changing! I just needed the photos side by side to see it. Abs are more palpable/visible, stomach is flatter, and my waist is smaller. For three weeks in - I couldn't be happier.

Another reason I am loving Kayla's guide is the consistency. I haven't missed a work out yet (5 days a week! woo hoo!) and I've been eating much healthier. The fact that her workouts are only 28 minutes long means that I can easily fit them into my day/night even when school is as insane as it is now. I'm graduating from a four year program next month so I'm sure you can imagine how crazy school is right now!

Will you be giving this amazing ebook a try?

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