Letting Your Skin Breathe

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

As much as I love everything to do with makeup, I am a firm believer of also letting your skin "breathe" for a day or two. I've been going through a few breakouts the past few weeks (realistically it's probably been months) so not wearing makeup and allowing your skin to breathe as much as possible is very important for clearing up your skin. Of course you should always take your makeup off before bed time as well! I was having a good skin day so I took this photo (three days ago) since then I have had a little break out on my chin due to hormones, but over all my skin has cleared up a lot since my initial horrible skin phase. Yahoo! I also do think that when I upload photos through Blogger it blurs your skin a little making it seem more perfected then it is.

Since I am in College full time I do tend to wear makeup Monday-Friday, then basically the second I get home I head straight for the washroom and wash off all my makeup following up with a toner and some Argan oil. Saturday and Sunday are days that I like to allow my skin to be free and not wear any makeup. Technically, the term "letting your skin breathe" is actually a myth, because externally your skin does not breathe. Skin gets nourished from oxygen & nutrients that are carried inside your blood, not from the oxygen outside. What I mean by allowing my skin to breathe simply means not wearing any makeup. Foundations, concealers and powders all lay on top of your skin which makes your skin less able to function properly (eliminating toxins, sweat and oil).

In December while I was in Sephora buying some presents for my mom I also picked up my newest foundation - bareMinerals Matte Foundation and I am loving it! I like that it is a more natural brand using less chemicals that all absorb into your skin. I also find I get good coverage with this foundation while improving my skin overtime. I have had less breakouts since using this mineral foundation and it isn't as heavy as a liquid foundation so my skin is still able to function as it should!

Do you allow your skin to "breathe" for a day or two?

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  1. you have perfect skin! I need to do this more often but I hate leaving the house without makeup on x

    1. I really don't! Since about June my chin has been awful, it's only just starting to get better. But thank you! I know it can definitely be hard at first, but your skin will thank you! Hope you're doing well Victoria, xx.

  2. I like letting my skin breathe on weekends. It's hard to do sometimes for me because I have so many acne scars but I'm getting better at treating my skin well and things are getting so much better!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. I'm happy for you!! :) I have some acne scars on my chin as well too, darn blemishes! but Oils definitely help get rid of scarring :)


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