After Summer Big MAC Haul

Monday, September 1, 2014

I have been really loving MAC Cosmetics lately and have been buying their products like crazy! I love everything about MAC - their eyeshadows, blushes, packaging...literally everything! They have such a wide range of colours for lipsticks and eyeshadows, you will 100% find something that you like. They also have so many products ranging from skincare, makeup, and MUA essentials. Here are the products that I picked up recently...

 I picked up a stunning blush in the shade Lovecloud which also has the cutest name. Names on products always get me! (*ahem* Essie nail polish names.. *ahem*) Lovecloud is a satin finish and is a beautiful bright mid-toned pink. I apply this to the high points of my cheek bones and it gives me a stunning rosy-glow look. It's a very pigmented blush especially when I use my Sigma F40 so I make sure to tap off any extra before applying to my cheek bones. While I was browsing around in MAC my mom had purchased the lipstick in the shade Patisserie and I had fallen in love with it! I ended up buying it for myself the next day. This lipstick shade looks very different on both of us which makes it very unique! It's a Lustre finish which means it is very glossy and semi-sheer. On my lips it gives me the most wonderful "my lips but better" shade. Obsessed! Plus my boyfriend was a big fan of the way it looks: "It makes your lips look...shiny...and...full? I don't know how to describe it but I like it! I like it a lot!"

As I'm working on revamping my neutral palette I decided to pick up three shades I knew I would get a lot of use out of. The first eyeshadow swatched is the shade Jest. I feel like this shadow does not get talked about enough! It is absolutely stunning and I think it is everything I wanted Naked Lunch to be (My pan of NL has no pigmentation sadly!). Jest has a frost finish and is such a lovely peachy-pink shimmery shade. It does reminds me of Sin from the Urban Decay Naked palette but Sin is noticeably more pink. Next I got the eyeshadow in the shade Mulch. I've heard about and swatched this shade for years but it has never caught my eye like it does now! I've been really into the bronzey-plum shades (like MAC Sable!) lately and I think they look so nice against brown eyes. Lastly I picked up a Tanya Burr favourite - Charcoal Brown. She has mentioned in multiple videos that she likes using it in her eyebrows and as a crease colour - I love multi use shadows! This matte shade is described by MAC as a "muted taupe brown".

As mentioned above I am revamping my MAC neutral palette so I decided to purchase the empty quad palette to move my coloured eyeshadows into. It'll also be nice for when I travel since I can move shadows around and put in four neutral shades for the vacation. I then purchased a single palette as before I had the duo palette and I much prefer the look of the single with the clear cover. I'm loving the look of my neutral palette right now and I still have three spots to fill! I feel as if I have all the shades I need so I'm not too sure what three I'll choose to finish it off.

What are your favourite items from MAC?

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  1. Haha I like your boyfriends description of the way Patisserie looks, its a really nice lipstick!!

  2. Amazing haul, Patisserie is so pretty x

    1. Thank you! And I agree - it's such a perfect nude. I'm in love! xo

  3. Such a nice haul, haven't taken much notice of Jest before but after that swatch I'll definitely be having a look! x

    1. I strongly recommend having a swatch! I never hear much about it in the beauty community but oh my it's one of my new favourites! Hope you enjoy it too :) xo

  4. hard to say what my favorites are. for such an institution, i still haven't tried out many of mac's offerings. a handful of blushes and more than a handful of eyeshadows but that barely scratches their surface.
    actually, the lipstick lady danger is pretty killer. though i only rocked that matte red/orange to work once and i only dared on a casual friday.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Dang - good for you for rocking a bright orange lip! That takes confidence! xo


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