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Friday, December 19, 2014

I can't even begin to explain how excited I was to finally own this foundation. I have wanted it for a year now but was waiting until my next trip to the states to pick it up. So while I was in Las Vegas early November it was the perfect time for me to pick up this beautiful foundation - and I did the day I landed!

Skin Foundation is definitely a light to medium coverage depending on how you apply and how much product you use. I tend to go for the light coverage side and I use the Multi Task brush by Real Techniques or if I want extra light coverage, I'll use a Stippling brush by Sigma. If I want more of a medium coverage I will go in with the Buffing brush by Real Techniques or even my BeautyBlender.

I love how light weight this foundation is and how it feels as if I'm not even wearing anything! I always wear it with the Becca Ever Matte Poreless Perfecting Primer to give  this foundation a more matte look. I find when I don't use a mattifying primer under the foundation I tend to get pretty shiny, which isn't a look I enjoy!

I use the shade Porcelain and it works great for me! I had been colour matched to the shade Cool Beige but when I brought it back to the hotel and applied it, it was just a *hair* too dark. I could easily get away with that shade but I am so crazy about my foundation matching perfect that I decided to pick up Porcelain instead. Plus I like how this shade is less pink than Cool Beige was!

Overall I'm really loving this foundation and it checks all the boxes for me (ideally it would be a matte foundation but my primer helps to give it a matte look!). If you do have/decide to purchase this foundation remember to shake it really well before you use it!

I hope you give this a shot if you're into light foundation coverage like I am. :)

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