Jealous Body Scrub

Monday, May 4, 2015

A few months ago I was sent a coffee scrub to try by the Canadian brand Jealous*. It has taken me a while to report back mainly due to the fact that I've been crazy busy finishing up my fourth year of Massage Therapy.

The photo you see above was taken the day I received the package.  My 2 year old chocolate lab Lily took it off the counter and created a hole in the paper bag packaging which is why I'm attempting to hide it with the information card. Since the hole just kept growing and spilling everywhere (Thanks Lily) I had to tape up the hole and it isn't looking nearly as cute as when I first received it. Basically, that's why I'm using an older photo is what I'm trying to get at. ;)

Let me start of by saying that I LOVE this scrub! It is the first coffee scrub that I have ever tried and it makes my skin so baby soft and preps my skin perfectly for a fresh self tan application. I never noticed any difference in the condition of my skin but the Jealous Team does say that the scrub can help with cellulite, eczema, age spots, varicose veins  and stretch marks. The Coconut Oil and Vitamin E really leaves your skin so soft and moisturized. I will even feel my arms several hours later and I can still feel the softness of the coconut oil. I love how the brown sugar really helps exfoliate your skin - it's like a complete skin cell turn over!

I absolutely love the smell this scrub leaves in my shower. You can really smell it while you have applied the scrub to your body but once it is washed away you won't walk around smelling like a Tim Hortons coffee cup - not to worry. This scrub costs $17.95 and has free shipping to Canada and the USA. Such a bargain! I usually use 2-3 small handfuls for my whole body and I've been using this scrub about 3 times a week since February and I still have a ton left. I can't get over how affordable this scrub is and I have recommended it to so many of my massage therapy buddies!

I also apply a *small* amount to my face to help exfoliate and my GOSH my face has never felt so soft and smooth after I use this scrub! I have tried so many exfoliating products for my face and never has a product done what the Jealous Body Scrub* has.

I am over the moon with happiness with this scrub, and once I am getting low on this bag I know I'll be ordering another package because I don't think I can go without the coffee scrub throughout the summer months!

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  1. It sounds like a fantastic scrub, I wouldn't like the packaging though x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Found you through the CBB group! Love your blog, it's super cute. This scrub sounds so amazing, glad to hear it works well on the face too!

    Just followed you, would love if you check out my blog.
    Raincouver Beauty


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