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Thursday, March 13, 2014

 My parents just recently went over to the lovely sunshine state that is sunny Flordia for a little over a week and I had asked my mom to pick me up two things in particular while she was over there. Now, you might be thinking "well there are three items in the picture?" - that's because she texted me saying how she was standing in Sephora and I ran straight to my computer and quickly typed in "sep" and my favourite site popped straight up, and I asked for one more thing... (insert a cute smiling little angel face here)

The two main things I asked for were the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream and the lovely Clinique Cheek Pop blush. I didn't mind which shade of blush I received so I let that be a surprise and lucky for me my mom picked the one I probably would have picked for myself! This stunning shade you're looking at is Peach Pop. It is a lot less orange then the website shows and it definitely has some pinky coral hues in it.

Then for the spontaneous item! My mom is really into using more natural makeup so she has gotten me really interested in bareMinerals. I absolutely love the Matte Mineral Foundation and I had been wanting a new bronzer, so I requested the bareMinerals Ready Bronzer in the light shade named The Skinny Dip. I just about never wear bronzer as I find almost everything I find is too dark! I do own the popular NARS Laguna and even that I find can come off too dark. The Skinny Dip bronzer is quite warm but on my pale skin it doesn't look orange at all! Since I only just received these products a few days ago, I can't say my full opinion on them just yet, but expect some reviews within the next few weeks!

A big thank you to my mom and dad for gifting these beauty items to me!

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  1. Lovely products! Those Clinique blush look all adorable in that cute packaging, and the color range is stunning. I definitely need to pick one up!

    x Giada | The Beauty Recensionist

  2. The Clinique blushes are way too cute! I definitely want to give them a go and they're quite affordable too. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. Yeah! They're good prices, cute packaging, and stunning shades! What more can a girl ask for in the perfect blush, eh?! xo

  3. That blush is just too beautiful to use! Ive been seeing them around, and I think I'll go and get one because I just love the sight of them!!

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

    1. Clinique did an amazing job on their packaging!


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