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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Photo taken wearing the Dior Star Foundation in Shade 010

To celebrate turning 21 on November 7, I thought it could be fun for you to get to know the writer behind Kyra's Beauty Bag a little bit better...here are 21 facts:

1) My family has had a total of 6 dogs, currently we have three! Zeus, Ava and Lily
2) I got my blackbelt in Karate when I was 9 years old
3) Before joining Karate I was taking ballet, then quit since I saw my older brothers doing Karate and I wanted to be like them.
4) I used to try to like the same things as my older brothers so they would think I was a cool younger sister: video games, Blink 182, Green Day, etc..
5) I've been wearing the same perfume for 4 years - Marc Jacobs Daisy. (review is HERE)
6) I attend Camp Otterdale for 9 years as a camper, and I've been on staff for 5 years
7) My staff name is Nikon, I wanted to be a photographer (in high school) and the camera I used/still use is a Nikon!
8) I really dislike unpainted toe nails
9) I have a huge celebrity crush on Scotty McCreery & Niall Horan
10) I feel as if I have a huge heart and am very caring about peoples feelings
11) I can easily watch hours of TLC's Say Yes To The Dress
12) I purchased my first car at 19 with my debit card!
13)  Elephants are my favourite animal and I have several elephant related things in my room. You may even be able to notice some of them as fillers in my photos
14) I'm absolutely terrified of whales. I don't like seeing photos, hearing their sounds, or even saying the word!
15) I hope to be able to visit the ever-so-beautiful Greece one day
16) Although I hate Whales, in Planet Earth the water DVD is always my favourite
17) When I was young I used to be obsessed with Backstreet Boys. My favourite member was Nick Carter - probably why I love Niall Horan so much!
18) I met my boyfriend Ryan whilst we were doing a life guarding course at the summer camp we both work at. (Related to Q.6)
19) I've recently discovered that I'm really interested in planners and decorating them with Washi Tape
20) I got my G1 Drivers license two years late - at 18. I now have my full G drivers license and am hopefully buying a new car in April.
21) People always pronounce my name wrong. It's spelt Kyra but pronounced like Keira Knightley's spelling!

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