My MAC Eyeshadow Palette

Thursday, February 6, 2014

 Top Row L-R: Blanc Type, Vapour, Yogurt, Orb, Naked Lunch
Middle Row: All That Glitters, Wedge, Sable, Mulled Cider, Satin Taupe
Bottom Row: Mystery, Trax, Expensive Pink, Sumptuous Olive, Print

I have been thinking about doing this post for quite some time now, and to be honest in September I even filmed a YouTube video for it and then never uploaded it! I'm not 100% happy with my palette as I don't particularly enjoy the bottom row. Once I have more eyeshadows I will add in the other 15 pan slot that fits into the other side of this MAC Duo Palette and separate the shadows into neutrals and colours. 

I really do love MAC shadows as I find them so blend-able, pigmented, and decently priced! You can have any colour in mind and walk into your local MAC counter or store and I'm sure you will be able to find it! They have a huge shade range with several different finishes to meet your needs. Now onto my collection..

 Blanc Type: My first ever MAC purchase, along with another shadow in this post! This is actually my second pan of this beautiful matte shadow. As you can tell from the swatch above it is a very pale matte beige which is my perfect all over lid & highlight shade. I personally prefer matte highlights and this will forever be my go to!

Vapour: A beige with pink undertone and slight shimmer. This is part of MAC's velvet finishes. Beautiful to apply in the inner corner for a subtle bright eyed effect.

Yogurt: A matte pale pink, perfect for simple eye looks or for girly smokey eye days.

Orb: This satin eyeshadow is a soft peachy beige - that really can awaken your eyes. Can you tell I like my beige shades?!

Naked Lunch: An ever so popular MAC shadow that is a warm peachy pink beige with shimmer added to it. I was so excited to purchase this shade and mine has been a very hard shadow to work with! I'm not sure if I got a faulty one or if all Naked Lunch's (sounds funny!) are like this but mine isn't pigmented at all and it takes a LOT to get good amount of colour pay off. Is mine just a weirdo or has anyone else experienced that?

All That Glitters: A stunning peachy gold veluxe pearl shadow that is incredibly buttery smooth and highly pigmented. One swipe with your brush or finger and you have some beautiful shimmering eyelids! This is a wonderful "one wash" shadow on simple days. On days where I take more time with my eye makeup, one of my favourite combos includes ATG. I will apply Blanc Type all over the lid as a base and a highlight, Vapour on the inner portion of the lid, All That Glitters in the middle to the end of my eyelid, Sable on the outer corner and Wedge run through the crease.

Wedge: MAC describes this shade as a "matte beige taupe", which I would say it is less taupe and more light brown. This is a shade that is constantly being placed in my outer corner or in the crease as the perfect transition shade. It is definitely a must have shadow that every eyeshadow wearer should own! As mentioned I love applying this in the crease, but another very simple way to wear wedge is all over the lid with either Mystery or Mulled Cider (LE) in the outer V. I could probably go on listing ways I love wearing wedge, but maybe I'll save that for another post!

Sable: Oh my word. This is just a beautiful shadow that I have not worn enough since purchasing after Summer! A stunning bronzey golden plum with a lovely frost finish. Don't be scared now when I say frost! Your eyes won't be left looking like a disco ball but simply the perfect amount of shimmer. Looks stunning with bronzes, plums, really is so flexible! It looks so lovely paired with Trax or Satin Taupe. Another staple shadow I highly recommend. One of my favourite ways to wear it can be found HERE in video form!

Mulled Cider: This is the other shadow I bought during my first ever purchase at MAC. I remember it was in the Warm and Cozy collection, so sadly I do believe it is limited edition. This shadow is a medium to dark brown with *slight* hints of red to it. It has been compared to Swiss Chocolate with more of a satin finish.

Satin Taupe: Another MAC cult favourite! Described as a taupe with silver shimmer is basically spot on! It does have some plum tones to it as well which looks beautiful on brown, green or hazel eyes. A shadow I reach for constantly!

Mystery: A cool grey toned brown that is perfect for any brown smokey eyes or using it even as a liner! I love applying this to my lower lash line, focusing it on the outer half, to define my eyes a little more. As with all MAC shadows it is very smooth and easy to blend. I've heard several Make Up Artist's say that this is an essential in their kit!

Trax: A burgundy plum with gold shimmer that is the perfect addition for a Autumn inspired eye! On neutral eye days this is also what I love to use on my lower lash line to really make my brown eyes pop. Applied with Urban Decay's Half Baked and some lighter highlighting shades and you're set for a stunning evening out make up look.

Expensive Pink: A beautiful mixture of pink/coral/gold with shimmer that is a very unique shadow! I did an entire makeup tutorial HERE using this shadow. Slightly embarrassing video as I had some serious word vomit and just couldn't speak! Which now watching this video back...I think I'll wear this combo for Valentines Day!

Sumptuous Olive: The name says it all! A lovely olive shadow with gold shimmer. One of my favourite ways to wear this shadow is with Benefit Birthday Suit as my base, NARS Cyprus all over the lid, Sumptuous Olive in the outer corner with Wedge in the crease as a transition shade. I found THIS link that Temptalia did showing how multipurpose this shadow is! Do try some out :)

Print: A dark grey almost black shade that I truly hardly ever wear! It is a perfect shade if you're not wanting to go totally black with a smokey eye, I just hardly ever wear dark shadows that this does not receive enough love.

I do own a few more MAC shadows in the traditional pot form, but that's all for my palette!

If you want to see an AMAZING MAC Shadow collection do go see my friend Victoria's collection by clicking HERE

What are your must have MAC eyeshadows?

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  1. Lovely palette! My favourites from my palette are Omega, Woodwinked and Sable :) I really want some more shades but I am trying to whittle down my collection for a big move overseas!

    Kate Xx

    1. I really want to get Woodwinked and Omega! I'm glad you say good things about them :) xx

  2. I really want to finish up my MAC palette but I still have ten eyeshadows to go! It's so hard to choose! I'm surprised you don't have Patina! You need to get Patina and Woodwinked too!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. Oh gosh I know! I need both those shades! You're right. ;)


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