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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Some of my favourite posts to read are always share the love blogposts. It's such a great way to find new blogs and for them to get a little love that day. Nothing I love more then making someone's day!  There are so many instagrams that I follow and I wish I could talk about all 137 of you, but today I limited myself to four. 

I've followed Sharon's blog at for what seems like ages now and I have completely fallen in love with her Instagram to match. It is so feminine and girly which is completely up my alley! She has such stunning photographs of flowers, outfits, makeup, and just her life! I always get inspiration from Sharon and if you haven't given her blog or Instagram a follow yet - girl what are you waiting for?! 

I love how Ellie's Instagram is simple and so pretty! All her items in each photo are layed so nicely and it is so appealing to the eye! She posts photos about beauty, teas, behind the scene footage of the blogging world, and she has amazing book recommendations! Again, her blog is another huge inspiration for me. 

Sophie's Instagram is all things girly! Nails, makeup, hair, skincare and the odd stunning selfie thrown in once in a while. Her Instagram is so refreshing and girly that I can't not double tap each photo and watch a little white heart come up on top of each one of her photos! She always has such nice "extras" in her photos such as the flowers you see below. 

A well known beauty youtuber who I've loved for what seems like ages now! Marissa seems so real and like we could literally be BFF. She knows all there is about makeup and hair and I feel like I've learned so much from watching her! Her Instagram is so eye catching and girly - I'm in love. Her Instagram all together flows so nicely and when you're looking at her page you can't not get heart eyes! Marissa is drop dead gorgeous and she has some of the cutest photos! 

What are some of your favourite instagrams? You can follow my Instagram here @kyrasbeautybag

xo, Kyra

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