First Impressions: NARS Foundations

Saturday, September 20, 2014

 I've heard so many amazing things about the NARS Sheer Matte and Sheer Glow foundations. I received two samples of Sheer Glow and I actually owned Sheer Matte. I will say that for the matte foundation this is more of a "second" impression. I have worn it once before and then basically never touched it again as I had purchased it in the completely wrong shade - now I've started mixing it with a dab of moisturizer to make it that little bit lighter. Works like a dream!

My correct shade in NARS foundations is the shade "Deauville" which is described as "light with a neutral balance of pink & yellow" sounds about right to me! I have the shade Ceylan in Sheer Matte which is too dark and is described as light-medium with yellow undertones.

 I wore both these foundations for 13 hours each. I applied them at 8am and was ready to shower and remove all my makeup by 9pm.

Sheer Glow First Impressions:
- applied so beautifully with such a natural glow finish
- light-medium coverage
- I did apply Rimmel Stay Matte powder as I am a combo skin gal
- by noon my foundation was still looking great! I headed to the bus to go to school.
- by 4:15pm when I was done my day at school I noticed I was looking slightly shiny on my forehead and that some of the foundation had worn off on my cheeks and chin where my skin is rosy
- I blotted and reapplied powder once I was home after school and my foundation was back to looking like perfection
- By 9pm when I was ready to take my foundation off I had noticed it had worn off around my nose and again on my chin.

Overall: I found this foundation to be so beautiful, I understand the hype! I don't know if it is exactly the one for me as it did wear off in some places and I did look a tad shiny (which mainly looked even "glow-ier" opposed to oily). I think this foundation could work really well for me if I had applied a long lasting primer underneath. Overall I am really impressed and I am considering buying the full size version while I am in Las Vegas in November! I also noticed that it had clung to some of my dry skin around where my previous blemishes were. If you are someone with very dry skin or skin that has dry patches I would recommend using a thick moisturizer under this foundation to ensure no obvious flakes!

I've heard several oily skin ladies say that the sheer glow is their holy grail foundation and I can see why as it makes you appear glowy not oily - although on my skin it didn't last as long in certain places as I would have hoped.

The photo below is a picture I took on my iPad wearing NARS Sheer Glow foundation after I had blotted and reapplied my powder. I used the filter "PFX 5" on the app "Picfx" and then uploaded it to my instagram here.

NARS Sheer Matte Second Impression:
As I said I do own the full size version of this foundation but I had actually purchased it two years ago and basically hadn't touched it since. I had completely forgotten how it applied so it felt like a first impression to me!

- I mixed in some of my daily moisturizer to make it that little bit lighter to match my skin
- Again I applied it at 8 am and it looked FLAWLESS! I was so shocked. It looked like skin and my freckles were still visible but it looked amazing
- light - medium coverage, definitely buildable
- by noon when I went to school my foundation was still looking great and my bronzer and highlighter were still looking perfectly in place
- by 3:30pm when I got back to my car I noticed there was some slight fading on my chin and bridge of my nose, but nothing I was worried about. No oil showed on my blotting paper - this never happes!
- by 7pm I checked back in the mirror and I was so shocked to see I wasn't oily/shiny at all!
- by 9pm when I was ready to shower and take off my makeup I noticed I did have some slight sheen to my skin but still looked natural. Most of my makeup had worn off around my nose and on the bridge of my nose, and a bit on my shin exposing some acne scarring.

Overall: I was incredibly shocked by how well this foundation stayed on my skin and how I hardly was oily at all! This never happens! I usually like to blot and reapply powder once I've had my foundation on for 4-6 hours but with NARS Sheer Matte I didn't have too. I really loved this foundation and even decided to wear it again today! (I tested these out Thursday & Friday and today is Saturday!) I would definitely consider buying this again in the correct shade as it looked so good for so long! I didn't notice any dry patches around previous blemishes like I did with. The Sheer Glow which was quite a bonus.

If you're an oily skin gal and you want to stay matte for long - this should be your top pick!

I'm torn between which one to buy! What are your thoughts on NARS Foundations?

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  1. I adore Sheer Glow but have yet to try Sheer Matte x

    1. They're both such amazing foundations! I'm so impressed :) xx

  2. that sheer matte sounds like it really lasts!! thats very promising...i've been thinking about trying some of the NARS foundations but i'm swimming in so many right now.... it'll have to wait i think.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I was sooo shocked how well they worked on my skin! I have heard that it has made some people break out which does slightly worry me as well though! xx


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